BlAckberry Network

Blackberry Network ($BBNET) is a community-focused, DeFi cryptocurrency project

Simple as that!

Token Name - Blackberry Network

Token Symbol - $BBNET

Total Supply - 2,000,000

Liquidity - Locked

No Advanced Tokenomics

We believe this token should be as simple as possible. No advanced smart contracts are used.

Community Driven

This token is fully decentralized is community driven. These are on rails because of our beloved Blackberry Network Family.

How to buy?

1. Installation.

Download and install Metamask wallet

2. Buy BNB.

Run Metamask and then press "BUY".

3. Swap.

Go to PANCAKESWAP to swap BNB to $BBNET.

4. Hold.

Now you just watch your $BBNET tokens grow.Contract : 0xd7ea80b3d6899827824a17737e939decb8c8a957

What is blackberry network token?

Blackberry Network is a cryptocurrency token made for the community, by the community. Most of us there are retail traders, but we also have access to a very talented team of developers. Considering the current surge in retail traders and hedge funds, We are planning on making this token yet another tool for the community to use to give us an edge over them.

Who are developers behind the token?

The team was formed after some discussions about creating a $BBNET themed token, Primarily as a meme to start with, but as discussions progressed, the idea for $BBNET token grew. The team are mostly active traders.

Where can i check the Contract?

You can find it on BscScan